Libek (libekory) wrote in suzaku_knight,

[FIC] Retrograde (Suzaku/Lelouch) (1/??)

Title: Retrograde
Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch
Rating: NC-17 shortly; R presently
Summary: At the end of R1, Lelouch was brought before the Emperor. His punishment was chosen, in part, because it was the worst thing the Emperor could imagine. But, perhaps, there was something worse...
Notes: Based on a kink meme request that has thoroughly gotten away from me.

Warnings: AU. SPOILERS. And pretty NSFW already.

( but Lelouch deserves it; he deserves all of it )

x-posted to cg_media, codegeass_fic lelouch_love, suzalulu; sorry if you're seeing this more than once, but first fanfic for this series, and I'm an eager little beaver. :
Tags: fanfiction
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